Miki Yamanouchi

Living in London UK from 2000; working as a photographer since 2007 

After my solo exhibition in the Kodak gallery in Tokyo, assignments started to trickle in. But I uprooted myself. I had long nurtured a plan to change my entire surroundings. Fading out Japan. Fading in to England. 

FAQ: What did you come here for?

Non-specific question for generic answers – "wanted to study English, liked the culture." 

Recently I realised what really happened and had me come here. My family liked European culture. Classical music was the main driver. And my truly beloved childhood books were mostly from England.

I grew up with Dr Dolittle, with Mary Poppins and Daddy Long Legs. (Still not read the last volume of Dr Dolittle. I can't bear to see the end of his adventures) .


I now live near the Admiral’s house from Mary Poppins. This is a rather romantic notion but it settles my mind as to why on earth I'm here. 

As much as literature my interest is modern art, looking and thinking especially how England spins around it culturally and economically. Travelling is also my habit.   

Open for assignment if you think I am good for documentation, fashion, travel pieces, weddings and so on. 

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