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Photojournalism & films

Assignments for which I provided photography, film and text, where necessary researching and negotiating topics, co-ordinating and conducting interviews in English or Japanese.

Bottle of iichiko Special, Japanese Shochu with a whisky soda made with the Shochu

Amason Japan



iichiko SPECIAL is an aged shochu between five to seven years using white oak and sherry barrels.

Research, co-ordination, 30 sec and 15 sec short films and photography. 

Hatchards in Piccadilly, the oldest bookshop in UK

Agora Plus

JAL publication 


Feature article: London bookshops with unique features, historic bookshops which have been successful to attract book lovers and tourists

Research, co-ordination, interview, photography, text and short films.

Portrait of Gaia Vince, an environmental journalist
Dr Stephen Cave in front of Cambridge university

Nippon Keizai Shimbun


Filming interviews for an environmental journalist Gaia Vince, the author of Nomad Century, a philosopher Dr Stephen Cave

High end fashion magazine in Japan, Precious
High end fashion magazine from Japan, Precious

My action for SDGs : UK correspondence




Periodical article on women leading SDGs actions : CEO of Just a Drop , Founder of Toy Project , Head of Operations at Forty Hall Vineyards   etc

Portrait in black & white

Magazine cover with my work as cover feature

Ruth Eisenhart, artist

Way of Life for 60s and Over



Feature article: the lifestyle of artist Ruth Eisenhart – her creativity, recent interests, and how she enjoys life.

Research, co-ordination, interview, photography, text.

Magazine cover: my feature article

English afternoon tea

Bi Premium world-culture magazine

Four Seasons

Cover article for UK special edition:

London afternoon teas


・Elegant, classic afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason

・Colourful, eclectic afternoon tea by a celebrity chef at Pan Pacific

・Charming spot for watching Buckingham Palace: The Rubens at the Palace

Research, co-ordination, interviews, photography, text.

Feature article for Best Flower Arrangement

Royal Platinum Jubilee celebrations

Best Flower Arrangement magazine

Four Seasons


Queen Elizabeth’s 70 years on the throne were celebrated at the Royal Horticultural Society’s annual Chelsea Flower Show.

Co-ordination, interviews, photography, text. 

Ichikawa Hibiki busking in the London Underground
Index of magazine Agora from JAL

Cosmopolitans  -  AGORA Sep/Oct 2022
 JAL publication

Ichikawa Hibiki is a Tsugaru Jamisen performer in London. Tsugaru Jamisen, Japanese guitar from the north has melancholic sounds that touch your soul. His traditional yet avant-garde style is cracking in the European music scene.

Article in Over Sixty magazine

British madam's favorite pasttime    Aug 2022

Punters at Magdalen Bridge, Oxford

Moe   Aug 2022

Roots and evolution of the story

Alice in Wonderland

Cover of Figaro magazine featuring my work

Madame Figaro   July 2022
CCC Media House

Photographs for article on Beautiful Craftworks

Cover of magazine “& Premium” featuring my work

& Premium   July 2022
Magazine House

World's Home Decors

Iseki Ayako's home in London

Book page featuring my photo and essay

Everyday British pleasures

A blog-style book about small seasonal pleasures in everyday British life.


365 pages


140 pages: topic selection, photos and essays

Cover of book featuring my photograph
Double page spread: taxi crossing Tower Bridge, London

Seeing London by taxi


Japan Airlines

Agora is the airline’s members' and first-class executive lifestyle magazine. 


10-page cover feature "Travelling London Taxi" for their March/April 2022 issue. 


Co-ordination, interviews, photography and text.

Other magazine articles

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